This is music to grow your secret garden.
© copyright 1993-2010 by efesar. all rights reserved.

the things you want to know


deep vocal indus/trance/ambience ("transience") with phat rhythms, thoughtful lyrics and fluid ambient motion. some d&b and industrial. music is a robust combination of analog, organic and digital. very melodic and lyrical.


electronica: club, vocal trance, tribal, indus. alternative: darkwave, industrial, industrial rock.


nine inch nails, coil, dead can dance, deepsky, enigma, fluke, ministry, tool, einsturzende neubauten, underworld, stone temple pilots, nirvana, pink floyd, lisa gerard, bach, beethoven, stravinsky, tchaikovski, plastica (formerly metallica), rem, primus, fatboy slim, enya

similar to

nin, coil, tool, dead can dance, fluke


born as reign in 1993 (parts of "hallucinations fire play" and "imps, ogres & valkyries") efesar was formed from those ashes in 1996. "stillbirth" (mp3.com/still_birth) is the live incarnation of efesar and thanataphobia projekt unified. former band "velocity sensitive" played some efesar songs live but that band generally pointed in the direction of rock-and-roll based music -- a genre of music that does not represent efesar.


efesar is primarily the solo project of keldot ("k"). inspiration and contributions comes from v0sh, basketweaver, ash, geoff and other collaborators.


athlon 1100, tone generation and multitrack software, calculator, spreadsheet software, roland vcustom drums, baldwin and ensoniq keyboards, alesis fx processors, behringer fx and mixer, akg mics, antares atr1


press reviews? that's a joke right? do i look like the material girl to you? okay, i'm really britney in drag. come on. dj's all over the world spin my music. we all know electronic music doesn't get the respect it deserves.
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